Dodge the student weight gain : What works for me?

The stigma that hangs over a student’s health and lifestyle is something that has existed for years. Year upon year teens fly the nest with minimal, if any, knowledge on how to fend for themselves and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Bring on the weight gain AKA “Freshers Flab”

Nutrition is key to building a healthy body and a healthy life, this does not necessarily mean tracking every meal and restricting yourself so much that you cannot enjoy treats, however it does require a little more effort than the average ‘Pot Noodle’.

First of all I should mention it took two years of living away from home to nail this on the head, as it states in my Instagram bio I am in fact not a life long fit chick, but a recovering Nutella addict- so trust me when I say, I hear you, finding a routine is not easy, but it is rewarding!

Obviously every body is different so the most important thing to do is understand YOUR body and what works for you. Over the past year I found myself in a perfect little routine that really helped me get on the fitness train, and look after my body in between working, studying and having a social life. 

Write a list

Who doesn't like a bit of organisation? 

By making a shopping list you can plan out your meals for the week, ensuring you don't then go and buy a bunch of crap you don't need because you're hungry and fancy a binge. This list will set your mind on the right path meaning you don't over shop and, in turn, at the end of the week you wont have a bunch of food going to waste. 

Weekly shop

Once you have got all the basic cooking essentials in your flat; oils, sauces, spices and herbs, a weekly shop of healthy foods costs next to nothing in comparison to a takeaway on the reg. My shop of choice is Aldi, costing me no more than £30 per week for things like chicken, fish, venison sausages (mmmm btw), vegetables, yogurts, milk, bread and cereals.

THAT IS SO CHEAP RIGHT?! The last time I ordered an Indian it was £15, two of them could buy me an entire weeks shop, think about that. 

This will also save you from more expensive mini shops for example Tesco Express, yes they are convenient because they are essentially everywhere but you end up spending so much money on shopping every other day rather than bulk buying. 

Preparing meals

My favorite thing! Prepping! Not only does it make you feel like the most together person on earth but it keeps you on top of your diet. By preparing your meals in advance you are then less likely to head out on your lunch break to the easy spots like Greggs, McDonalds or any other fast food restaurants. 

There are a number of ways you can do this, whether you prep each night, or prep a few days at once, whatever suits you. I will post up some meals I like to prep, but that is for another day for now, get in that kitchen and make yourself some lunch for tomorrow.

All you need is a lunch box or some Tupperware and you're all set. Bon Appetit! 

I hope these three basic tasks can help you all get on your feet and start building a healthy relationship with food (and your bank balance). 

How many Mondays have gone by where you have said "I'll start next week"? start TODAY.