Cellulite- Dim the dimples

The unfiltered truth behind most women's bodies- Cellulite. If you follow fitness guru and model Ashy Bines you probably seen the post back in September that sparked both an uproar and a trend amongst fitness accounts. Fitness bloggers and models alike have all started to post 'the real them' unfiltered and beautiful- WITH cellulite.

God forbid a fitness model with cellulite?! She can't be healthy? Well, trolls, cellulite is completely normal! 90% of women will get cellulite at some point in their lives, wherever that may be on their body, after all it is just fat.

Craig Russell is a Personal Trainer at Glasgow’s Club Gym, he specialises in fat loss, muscle gain and sports specific training.

He said: “It is not accumulated toxins or the result of poor lymphatic drainage. It is not damaged fat. It is not poor circulation or weird metabolism. It is not a disease or condition.

Cellulite is just fat – Nothing more.”

Ever since this post more and more fitness accounts have been seen to be posting photographs showing their unfiltered bodies. The posts scream that, yes we do have cellulite, we are women, no matter how hard you work on your body it is natural to have body fat. Having a low body fat percentage all year round is just not sustainable.

Ashy Bines, the centre of the criticism took to Snapchat to speak to fans about the negative comments,

She said: “'I don't think they're meant to be rude but obviously, any girl who gets told they have cellulite or they're questioning why I have cellulite, it's like... Oh thanks.

'I think it's just a little reminder that just because I'm in the health and fitness industry, it doesn't mean that I'm perfect and completely flawless with a six pack and no cellulite or no wobbly bits”
Now, the reason for cellulite appearing dimply on the skin is due to the way it is stored by the body. There is a layer of fibrous tissue just beneath the skin which cling to the underlying muscles, women have vertical bands that are perpendicular to the skin. These vertical bands create pockets which allow fat to be stored hence giving the dimpled appearance which creates cellulite. Male tissues are however connected in a crisscrossed manner which tends to spare them of the thing we all dread.

Craig said: “Women also have thinner skin than men. So, the fat is more visible. While it appears different from normal fat, it is the same and just like normal fat, the same rules apply to keeping it at bay.”

He went on to explain how weighing scales are not a good indicator of body composition. Even women who seem slim may have a high body fat percentage which is why even slim and fit women sometimes show signs of cellulite on their body, just like Ashy Bines.

With years of experience in the industry Craig was able to offer some top tips for calming the appearance of cellulite in the most natural way, without the use of fad diets and skin firming creams.

First of all you will need to get your body fat percentage measured. This is a key step. You can’t do this on scales at home so it would be worth a visit to your doctor, your local gym or even in store at Boots. This is a great first step because, as stated earlier, weighing yourself just doesn’t give you an accurate measurement of your health and especially not your body fat percentage.

Once you have this measured, you can start the process of your cellulite tackling journey.  For body fat to stop building in the affected areas you will need to work on bringing your percentage down to just 12 to 18 percent.

It may be difficult and take time but it’s well worth the effort. The most important factor is your diet. You must watch what you eat very closely just as you would on any fat loss diet, a good app to track your intake is My Fitness Pal used by fitness fanatics worldwide.

Avoid processed foods and takeaways, these are the foods that you know are fattening. Cakes, chocolates, ice cream, pizza, etc.

Don’t deprive yourself completely as you still want to keep a healthy relationship with food but maybe if you know you are going out for a family meal on Saturday, keep your treats or sweet tooth for then.

Craig said: “Keep your diet healthy and wholesome and once you have your diet under control that’s 70 percent of the battle already won.”

Next, you will need to begin a new exercise program that involves a good mix of cardio and resistance training. The cardio will burn off the excess fat and the resistance training should be geared towards your lower body, an area most commonly troubled by cellulite. 

Squats, lunges and deadlifts are great exercises for women and men both. Your lean and toned lower body will reduce any visible signs of cellulite.

It may not be as popular as the quick fix creams, massages or other methods but this is the only method that ACTUALLY WORKS, is budget friendly and has long lasting effects. 

Craig said “if you want the short answer, to keep cellulite at bay, watch your diet, eat healthy and exercise till you have a low body fat percentage"

Be sure to head over to Craig’s website www.tpfitness.co.uk  and follow his journey on Instagram @tailoredphysiquefitness some awesome exercise workout routines and dieting advice that can help make that cellulite disappear from your body once and for all.

Morgan Bruce