The Wee Healthy Bag battles obesity

In Scotland 1 in 3 children are obese, Rebekah Lamb, creator of the Wee Healthy Bag, believes we can fight the problem if we all work together to promote healthy living. Let's encourage healthy!! 

The Wee Healthy Bag is a small Jute bag with the aim to make people think about their choices, being a mindful person Rebekah said: "one day I was reading a newspaper and I came across the statistics surrounding child obesity and I thought wow you know what they are actually quite staggering,

"I like to be organised and that's when I thought what if there is something I can do. So I created the Wee Healthy Bag with the idea that people will think about their choices, maybe using it as a lunch bag they can only put healthy items into it. It is my way of making people prepare and think healthy".

Rebekah often posts inspiration on social media @weehealthybagjourneys

Rebekah often posts inspiration on social media @weehealthybagjourneys

Rebekah's Wee Healthy Bag journey is currently making its way around schools, youth groups and communities hoping to spread the word about healthy living. The growing amount of obese children in scotland is being challenged by a number of officials however, I asked Rebekah if they are really doing enough? 

She said: " Just now there is lots of work being done to target the problem of obesity in schools, by the government , and consumer groups who are all working together to alleviate the problem and the Wee Healthy Bag will be part of this going forward.

I think it is important we continue to all work together. We can't just expect the government to be doing this alone, we need to educate people on looking at food labels, focussing on sugar content and encouraging children and parents alike to  talk about being healthy".

A way Rebekah visions the Wee Healthy Bag being used in schools is as a lunch box, this way children are able to come into school and compare their healthy food choices, in a fun interactive way with teachers and friends. 

Something I did wonder about regarding child obesity is, how to approach it without getting into size matters. Rebekah said: "Never take that approach, there is obviously the idea there,  you have to be very careful but the way I market this is not by mentioning weight loss,

"Instead I talk about health, there are lots of factors leading to a healthy lifestyle from being active, eating well and taking part in sports, so it is more important to educate it from a softer approach. You don't want children becoming body conscious".

There is alot of education required on both parts, parents and children, this is why the Wee Healthy Bag is not just a school lunch bag...

The bag can be used by anyone, any age, guys or girls. 

Ultimately the goal is to make people prepare for their lunch break, and act as a motivational tool. 

In a society where social media has a growing importance an idea for the Wee Healthy Bag is to build a community where people can share their healthy stories and read others. 

So, once you buy your Wee Healthy Bag why don't you encourage those around you to stay healthy, and maybe when you are sitting at your desk you will look up, see your bag and think YES- I WILL GO FOR THAT WALK TODAY! 

The Wee Healthy Bag is available now click this link below to grab yours.

Morgan Bruce