Bit About Me!

If you look at my Instagram you probably don't know much about me at all other than the fact I am a bit of a gym freak.

Something I have noticed more and more on social media is that we forget the people behind the posts. I am guilty of it too, I often lay a lot of focus on how someone lives their life and I am mesmerised by their feed forgetting they probably have a not so glamorous day job and in actual fact they don't walk around with a blemish remover edit on their face. 

So if anyone cares I would like to snap back to reality. 

Yes I train 5 days a week however I also have a life, I am currently studying Journalism at City of Glasgow College and am in my second year aiming for a HND before hopefully getting full time work or heading to University next year. I have always had a love for journalism and used to run a music blog you can find here at I met some amazing bands and people running this blog so here's hoping FrillsMusic can do the same for me! 

I come from a town called Elgin in the North East of Scotland, somewhere between Inverness and Aberdeen. So Glasgow has been quite a big move with no friends or family here when I moved last year. In a sense I had to build my own life, which has been great fun, meeting strangers and work colleagues who have become friends.

As much as I love social media I find getting out, being active or joining a group is THE BEST way to meet people, and makes it truly special when you click in an instant. I met some great girls recently at SFN expo who all shared a love for fitness. 

Among training and college I also just started working part time at a 5 star hotel in the city centre of Glasgow after 2 years at Carphone Warehouse. Juggling 3 commitments is not easy but I've got to say I absolutely love every minute of it. I've never been a lazy person and have legit had a job since I was 12. I still don't understand how so many young people have never worked through university etc and still have money- mind equals blown. 

2017 has been a tough one for my bank actually, I ended up in some tricky financial situations trying to live some rich persons life on a student budget leaving me a bit el skinto, however if anyone asked me if I would change that I would probably say no. This year I have been on 3 holidays jetting about the place.

Holiday no.2 Hideout Festival Croatia 

Holiday no.2 Hideout Festival Croatia 

I am so grateful that I can do these things. It makes working long shifts worthwhile and you appreciate it so much more when you have earned it yourself. I am going to do a blog on my trip to Croatia in May (yes I went twice this year), when my boyfriend put me out my comfort zone with absolutely no plan in place other than a flight ticket and a backpack (I am a mad planner so this freaked me out). Everything worked out in the end and it was an absolutely incredible trip- very blogworthy. 

Follow my fitness journey towards the UKDFBA next year over on MOGGSFIT

Oh and I should probably add I LOVE DOGS 

Here's my Holly and I :

Morgan Bruce