2017: A reflection

I am a bit late on the bye bye last year blog trend given it is now six days into January, however I have been a busy bee. Sometimes social media can't take priority and for me, the 'festives' are a time for loved ones. So, here goes, a look at how I tackled 2017. The year I turned 18, the year I faced criticism for my fitness account, the year I made my own. 


A funny ol' year. I was challenged, pushed outside my comfort zone and did things you would never have seen me do a year earlier. But that is life, being outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. 

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle

In January last year I joined Club Gym (the best gym in Glasgow-OFFICIALLY) which led me on this incredible fitness journey with my first personal trainer Leanne Conroy. Myself and another one of Leanne's clients took part in a photoshoot in June which truly made me work my ass off in the gym knowing I had a date to work towards and people to impress. The outcome of this was not only physical but mentally rewarding, giving me the confidence to enjoy myself in front of the lense. The photographs I created with TTimage that day will forever be used as a turning point in the way I see myself now. I was by no means the most shredded person on earth but I was in the best shape I had been in my life so far, I worked for something and it became a lifestyle. 


Letting go of being a planner freak

Being such a gym bunny allowed me to feel good in a bikini, my first holiday of 2017 was in May when me and my boyfriend Josh jetted off to Croatia with nothing planned but a flight- stepping out my comfort zone round 2!! I am a massive planner so heading to an unfamiliar country with no organisation gave me the fear. We landed in Split and for a week hopped on and off of ferries leading us to our next destination, booking an AirBnB a few hours before we needed a bed and generally having no care in the world with our wee rucksacks on our backs. It was the definition of wingin' it. And I LOVED it- it taught me to relax, travel light and most importantly...how to enjoy adventure. 


Learning during my summer break


Then, along came summer. I moved home to Elgin for a couple of months and had time to pull myself together for year two at college. I needed to save money but there were no jobs available when I came back. Local gym owner, Ally Saville Personal Training, told me about fitness course happening in Inverness that week and with the help of my wonderful parents I attended. This was an intense yet valuable course, I am now Level 2 qualified meaning I can work in a gym and offer group classes. Honestly, 2016 me would maybe go to the gym a few days a week but spend most of her money on nights out. The new me has built a healthy lifestyle, has bucked up the courage to stand up and teach fitness to other people?! It is mindblowing what can happen in a year. 

Living for a bit of adventure

Since being with Josh I have been much more exposed to life outside the city, growing up I was never really an outdoorsy kid, unless I was visiting my grandparents in Aberdeenshire. Throughout 2017 myself and Josh went on a bundle of day trips leading me to new experiences. From mountain biking, to motocross, quad biking and surfing I became well...less of a 'woose'.  The biggest test for me was probably the surfing, it's something I have always been attracted to however I have never been a fan of the sea. The first time I tried it was on the Isle of Lewis, with crystal clear waters in summer meaning I was able to surf without the worry of what was below my feet. That was half the battle. I loved that day out so much I took lessons when I got home, I'm not a pro but I am hoping the lessons paid off so I can show Josh up this year.  

Learning to trust my gut

This was my last learning curve of 2017, and the latest having just happened last month. University is not for everyone, and I have known since leaving school three years ago, it is not for me. Being in my second and final year at college lecturers are requiring everybody to apply for their choice of university. I decided not to apply as I want to follow my own path going down the route of employment. My lecturer made a snide remark suggesting a future of unemployment and benefits- little did they know I have been hard at work blogging, writing for magazines, newspapers and other bits'n'bobs. Funnily enough the week following this degrading conversation I landed myself an internship with a sports company in London.

There will be more on this in the near future but as a concluding piece for this blog I want to say; Never let anyone tell you how your life is going to pan out. If you want something hard enough you will get it. And...maybe that lecturer knows what they are talking about, maybe university is the only route into a career. Or maybe, you need to take the risk, stand out from the crowd and be the person who shocks everyone! I trusted my gut, lets see if it pays off...Hello 2018.

Morgan Bruce