2018: Goal setting

Here we are one week on from New Year celebrations, with time to reflect on the past year, I have now set out my goals for the year ahead...

Many of us, year upon year, make a promise to ourselves that we will stick to our new year resolutions, but how many of us last past February? I am such a stubborn person that if I tell someone of my plans I will make sure to see it through right to the end. Which is why I am hoping by having this blog I will hold myself accountable for the promises I make this year. 

I don't agree with making resolutions if A. It is too vague or B. You make too many. You need to be realistic with yourself; What steps do you need to take? How do you make it specific to your lifestyle? Are you taking on too much?

Things like "I want to lose weight", it's just too vague. Why not think about how you want to do this? Set a goal like:

  • I am going to workout 4 times per week
  • I will weigh x amount by July (as I said in my last blog setting a date helped me work towards my goal last year)
  • Download My Fitness Pal and track my eating habits (once you have observed your habits you can then alter them accordingly ie. don't cut out junk food entirely but if you are having 2 for Tuesdays don't over indulge at the weekend) 

Likewise "I will be a happier person" but how? It is not as simple as clicking your fingers. Try these:

  • I am going to do 'that hobby I have always wanted to do' and do it for YOU (force yourself to not care what others think. If I had let people's comments about my fitness hobby put me down I would be nowhere near as content as I am now)
  • I will take time out of each week to focus on, or write down, the positive things that have happened to me
  • I will attend events to meet like minded people. Such as a fitness expo, a music convention or even as simple as a committee meeting within your college or workplace. (as you get older it is harder to make circles of friends, it is proven you are happier when surrounded by good people, so why not make friends with similar values to your own)
who knew how hard it would be to get an elegant looking picture of your own handwriting...hence why I rolled with a blank page. 

who knew how hard it would be to get an elegant looking picture of your own handwriting...hence why I rolled with a blank page. 


My Goals: 

Narrowing this down will be hard but I don't want to be one of those people who set far too many goals for the time frame. So here are three that I aim to complete by the time the year is out...on top of 101 other things I hope to achieve... 

1. Learn how to drive 

If I pass is another question...kidding. This is one I have thought about for two years now, it wasn't until recently I realised how much I need to be able to drive because A. almost every advertised journalism job requires you have a licence and B. to fulfil my needs of getting away to the fresh air outwith the city for an hour or so. 

2. Take part in a bikini competition 

Prep has begun and I am so excited for this one despite knowing how much of a challenge the run is going to be. I have set a date for the UKDFBA show in Musselburgh on 30th June with the possibility of attending other dates down south later in the year. I have had this goal in mind throughout my training last year with a lot of people backing my plan, so by posting this on my blog and on instagram there is absolutely no going back- I've got this!

3. Set aside spending money each month to control spending habits

I am notorious for getting money and blowing it, landing me in stressful situations more often than not. This year I have so many trips planned, London, Belfast and a huuuge exciting holiday for me and Josh later in the year. With these in mind I can't afford to abuse my bank and land in an overdraft. The plan is, start working out what I have each month before digging into my wages. That way I hope to save more to put towards these trips, one week I managed to spend only £20 (ish) in Aldi on my weekly shop, so yeah I will try do that more regularly. 

I hope this blog was able to help some of you reconsider your own goals and hold yourself accountable. Please let me know how you get on with setting your 2018 resolutions if you haven't done so already. 





Morgan Bruce