You Can't Skip Gains!

LEGS LEGS LEGS. It seems to be what makes the instagram world go round, but girls…I have news, we need to train upper body too.

First of all let me cover the reasons why, then I can drop in the fun stuff (workouts-woo).

By training upper body you;

…Will avoid damage to your posture. As well as having a strong core your upper back and shoulders are what form a good posture.

…Prevent injuries, not only now but later in life. Naturally we become weaker in our older years, strength training will reduce these risks.

…Avoid muscle imbalances. If you overtrain some muscle groups and under train others you can cause imbalances in the body which in turn could end in injury.

…Build strength in day-to-day life. Think more shopping bags ladies.

…Overall aesthetics, by training shoulders, back, chest and arms all your troubled areas will tighten up as well as giving the appearance of a smaller waist = self made hourglass.


A simple place to start is to target big muscle groups followed by the smaller (but not less important) muscles. Starting off with Back before going onto Chest, Delt and Arms.

Below is a session to kick you off and the video will be available on instagram soon

  1. Assisted pull ups 3x 8-12 (aim as many as you can)

  2. Bent over row 4x 10 (Cable machine)

  3. Lat pull down 4x 8-10

  4. Cable Face Pull 3x 12 (Rope)

  5. Overhead press 3x 8-10

  6. Chest press 3x 10-12 (Dumbbell)

  7. Close grip press 3x 12 ///SUPERSET/// Tricep push down 3x 12

  8. Round the worlds 3x 15

AS a beginner I would maybe suggest splitting this workout into two or going easy on the weights. You can always add weight second time round. Get yourself comfortable before going in too much too soon.

As always message me with any questions, I am ALWAYS happy to help

Smash IT,


Morgan Bruce