Rawnchy- Glasgow's Raw & Vegan Cake Shop

Glasgow's first ever raw and vegan cake shop has opened its doors!! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek (let me just say A-MA-ZING).  

Poppy Murricane started 'Rawnchy' from home back in 2016 creating the most delicious looking (and tasting) vegan cakes from raw ingredients. As her orders became bigger and bigger her kitchen counter was not quite doing the job, leading her to invest in a property on Maryhill Road, Glasgow.

Eventually the space will be converted into a sit-in coffee shop but for now it is acting as a drop-in workshop for Poppy and her first handy sidekick Adam. 



The pair are taking on Glasgow's vegan friendly community supplying sweet treats to cafes and restaurants around the city.

Not only are these cakes vegan, but they are also super intolerance friendly; All of Rawnchy's products are dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, soya free and organic where possible to give you nourishing, good food in its most natural and pure form: RAW. This means that all 'Rawnchy' products are entirely plant based and not heated over 42°C in order to maintain their high nutrient levels, natural enzymes and flavours.

Interesting right?!

I never thought vegan would taste so good! Poppy has experimented with a number of flavours ranging from Chocolate Rose, Strawberry Pistachio & Macha, to Snickerdoodle and don't forget to try the incredible cake pops (Yes! A cake on a lolly pop stick YUM) 


Fancy giving them a try? Drop in to 58 Maryhill Road. Or why not check out one of their stockists around Scotland  https://www.rawnchy.co.uk/stockists/ 

Morgan Bruce