I’m happy in the skin I’m in. I admire the beautiful people of instagram but I don’t need to be them. I have never felt the pressures of following a trend to look a certain way…

That was until recently.

I found myself boob shopping. Yep I said it. I was online searching and comparing prices to invest in a new set. Laughable considering I don’t have a spare four-thousand-pounds sitting around.

When posting on social media becomes necessary in order to attract business you find yourself on it a lot more than the average person. I suddenly started pointing out flaws of mine despite knowing I have the responsibility of boosting people’s self confidence and body image as a job. I was cautious not to post my face if I had spots because everyone else is so flawless and a spot looks icky right?

The worst part? These people I compare myself probably learnt to photoshop before they could walk.

From simply touching up their 'natural glow’ to completely airbrushing and warping images to create the socially dysfunctional idea of perfectionism. These “social influencers” can change their appearance with the swipe of a virtual paintbrush.

I believe it is important to acknowledge ways that social media can influence or interrupt someone’s body image, in doing so, we as a society can grow to understand the differences of what is real and what is created to please the eyes of followers.

The moment I realised I wasn’t looking up ways to improve myself for myself but instead to look better in a bikini, or to have better skin, softer features I realised I had let my mind be poisoned by the ugly dynamics of social media sites.

Girls especially are increasingly putting themselves back thousands of pounds to look like the current- booby, flat stomached, big booty, pouty lips and whiter than white teeth- idea of perfectionism. Do we all remember the mantra “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, or when a thigh gap was the coolest trend, or when dimples were THE CUTEST <3. Stop chasing it.

Trends come and go, but us? You can’t change YOU. Which is why over the next few months I will NOT be promoting self love. Why? Because it’s a fad, we can’t always love ourselves but instead we can learn to ACCEPT ourselves.

SELF ACCEPTANCE and realising you're not going to be an airbrushed barbie doll with a Kardashian booty, instead, look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate all your beautiful features and accept that spot on your chin will go, that cellulite can be shifted and if not…so what! Everyone gets these things some people are just better with editing software than others.

My campaign will begin with a tag #IGetTheseToo

Let’s show everyone out there, they are not alone; whether it’s physical traits like spots, stretch marks, cellulite to mental traits such as anxiety, panic attacks or stress

Nobody is perfect let’s stop pretending we are.

Kicking things off is me ft. a big spotty face due to breaking out using a new skin product…

20181208151616_IMG_5981 (3).JPG
Morgan Bruce