They're Shrinking Our Pizza

We have had to put up with May, Brexit and now in the most bonkers bid to save obesity the government have decided to destroy a household favourite; Pizza night.

Our pizza nights are about to get smaller…and probably less exciting as new plans come in to place to “cut calorie consumption”.

Picture this: A juicy dominos stacked with all the cheese and meats you wished for, but wait it must be less than 920 calories…. Yeah I can’t picture that either, the new calorie limit of 920 per pizza, judging by Dominos current nutrition guidelines, would allow me 2 slices of my favourite ‘Meteor’. This pizza exceeds new guidelines with just 3 slices totalling a monster value of 1110 calories.

This legislation is flawed in SO many ways its baffling.

Take ‘fit conscious Fran’ for example, Fran represents myself and every other fitness person I know, trains 5 times per week, busts her butt off in the gym and eats healthy 90% of the time, that 10% Fran really fancies stuffing her face with a Dominos exceeding 2000 calories. Is it fair to remove the option of being disgustingly off diet once in a blue moon?

The supposed method behind this madness is that by removing high calorie options from our reach the obese population, currently sitting at 1 in 4 adults, will decrease and set a better example for the next generation. My argument here is, that parents and children alike should instead be educated in schools about a healthy lifestyle.

Children are taught to have a Five-A-Day. So what you have your five-a-day and eat from the government guided “eat well plate” this does not teach children, or adults, portion control.

Lets take slimming world, a list of free foods of which you can fill “half your plate with”. This can be just as dangerous as ordering a Dominos!

I took a few items off the SW Free Foods List for you. Pasta, Bacon, Tinned Spaghetti and Potatoes. B A F F L E D.

How big is “half your plate” is that 100g, 200g, 300g? I’ve seen myself squish a whole plate of food into ¼ of my plate to make my mum think I liked her cooking, an obese person following slimming world will probably do the same given they have no idea what a “normal” portion is.

Recommended 100g of Tesco pasta totals 360 calories, yet recommended amount is just 75g bringing the total calories to 270. Almost 100 calorie difference in a tiny amount of pasta. This calorific difference could the make or break between one’s weight loss journey.

The perfect example of why our society needs educated on what is and isn’t good for you. The government will happily allow a fad diet such as SW to exist whilst trying to remove high calorie pizzas from one’s reach.

Instead I suggest doing more to support eating disorders and those suffering from Obesity in day to day life. This kind of legislation will not stop people eating pizza instead make them buy 2,3 even 4 pizzas.

Recently Instagram famous nutrition expert Scott Baptie posted a series of naughty foods he enjoys, and heck did it get a reaction.

Maybe more of us social influencers need to post REAL, relatable posts to teach people eating a pizza, burger, square sausage is OKAY as long as it isn’t your staple diet. If we all stopped showcasing our “perfect lives” those affected by their obesity and lack of self esteem would realise they don’t need to crash diet to be better or healthier!

If everyone was taught to follow a basic 80:20 rule (eating whole nutritious foods 80% of the time and having a treat the other 20%) there would be no need to consider removing “bad” foods from restaurants as it is proven to give people a healthy relationship with food!

After all a healthy body equals a healthy mind, so let’s stop labelling things as “bad” or “sins” and start recognising rewards and treats as something you can have when you work your butt off and nourish your body because it FEELS GOOD not because the government tells you to!

So lets take this into our own hands; Watch what you eat but be smart with it. Want to lose weight? Be in a calorie deficit….Want to eat a dominos over 1000 calories? DO IT

Oh and they are also thinking about taking away our freak-shakes…. don’t get me started.

Morgan Bruce