'tis the season to....indulge in hot chocolate

Festive drinks menus have arrived in all the top coffee shops now and I cannot resist the selection!

As I am not a coffee drinker I can’t relate to the latte lovers of instagram but I can instead provide you with my favourite hot chocolates from different coffee shop giants. Now, what I will say is the calories will shock you and if you are working towards a weight loss goal at the moment I’d turn away now before your mouth waters. These kind of drinks could be what makes or breaks your successful transformation adding up to 400 kcal to your daily intake. Instead I would suggest Options Hot Chocolate or Cadburys Light both less than 40 calories per drink! https://groceries.asda.com/product/hot-chocolate/options-instant-belgian-choc/14659546 Options currently half price at Asda.

Now lets get to the less healthy yummy stuff you can treat yourself too if your calories allow it…


#1 Cafe Nero

The simplicity of their Belgian Truffle Hot Chocolate makes it an easy number 1 for me, easily consumed on a daily basis this one ups the ante from their standard Hot Chocolate with a smoother, richer flavour.

Other options feature Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate which I will not be having again, a tad too much cinnamon for me

Belgian Truffle Hot Chocolate = 435kcal

#2 Costa

OOOOO Hazelnut Chocolate in a cute christmas cup ! EEEK. I could’ve placed this first but I think you could easily get sick of this one regardless of your sweet tooth. Think Nutella (but a little watered down) with scooshy cream YUM.

Another one I would probably rank pretty high is their Black Forest Hot Chocolate making a return from Christmas 2017.

Hazelnut Chocolate = 354kcal


#3 Starbucks

Tasty? Yes. sickly? Definitely. Starbucks’ new christmas cocoa comes in the form of every 2018 white girls favourite flavour ‘salted caramel brownie’. I am a fan but out of the three this one I could pass up more than others, proving too much for my aging taste buds.

Salted Caramel Brownie = 319kal


As I write this I realise my favourite in this ranking is also the highest calories…I’m guessing this is down to the mounds of sugar inside. Keep an eye out for another blog if you want to learn all about sugar intake as this festive season can in fact cause sugar comas (talking from experience).

and most of all enjoy your hot chocolate, just make sure you are aware of how much is in these secret calorie monsters , vouch for an Options if you are being cautious just follow the link below…


til next time,


Morgan Bruce